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Introducing SMARTpadTM , a unique and cost effective way to reach your customer right at the point of purchase.  No other form of advertising can compete on a lasting impression or cost per thousand basis.

SMARTpadTM is an attractive, high quality mouse pad that has a convenient quick reference guide to some of the hottest categories and best sites on the Internet.

SMARTpadTM is an interactive web site too!  Consumers will be able to click through to an advertisers web site directly from the SMARTpadTM web site.

SMARTpadTM is distributed exclusively to new computer owners.

SMARTpadTM screens all advertisers to insure that all sites listed are family friendly.

Key Benefits

Drives traffic to your site - The quick reference guide is right at he customer's fingertips... consistently delivering Brand impressions.
Is simple and effective - The FREE pad is easy to use and provides added value and convenience for the customer.
Is efficient - Advertisers get a low cost display ad at the point of purchase that will last months and even years.
Category exclusivity - Advertising exclusivity means customers will be going to your site and not your competitors!
HOT LINK to your site - The SMARTpadTM web site delivers buyers right to your site through a convenient HOT LINK button.


Description SKU # Price
Minimum 100,000 pads sku-1 .10 per unit
Up to 500,000 pads sku-2 .10 per unit
500,000 to 1,000,000 sku-3 .09 per unit
1,000,000 plus pads sku-4 .08 per unit
Central logo space sku-5 .40 per unit

How it works

Is delivered FREE to approximately 400,000 new computer buyers each month and to any computer user who requests one from our SMARTpadTM Internet site.
Pads will be distributed through targeted direct mail campaigns as well as first and second tier Personal Computer distributors.
Provides category exclusivity for each advertiser.
Web site will have a HOT LINK for each advertiser on the SMATpadTM at no additional charge.  Each click through will incur an additional charge of 20 cents each.
Advertisers will have access to online reporting showing total online impressions and total click-through data.

Product and Service Categories

News Auctions Weather Computer Sales
Sports Travel Health Prizes
Search Engines Finance Sweepstakes Seniors
Shopping Beauty Internet Service Children
Books Long Distance Research Entertainment
Music Employment Stock Market Airlines
Games Computer Info Online Broker Real Estate

Or, name your own unique category for a small additional charge.

Advertising CPM Comparison

Media Impressions CPM*
Direct Mail (Postcard 1C - 4C) $265 - $500
Newspaper (Dallas Morning News, 1pg 52x) $32 - $40
National Magazine (Yahoo Internet Life, 1/6 - 1pg 4C) $30 - $86
Outdoor (48' x 14' billboard) $20 - $120
Television (Local: 30 spot, 18-49 demo) $15 - $66
Radio (:60 spot, 18-49 demo) $15 - $20
Internet Banner  (DoubleClick, RON - Targeted site) $12 - $70
SMARTpadTM (1 mo. - 12 mo. average computer use) $2.22 - $.18

*CPM does not include cost of advertising production.